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Euro Rubber® HBS200 is a universal sealant that can be used for waterproofing, air barrier and protection against corrosion. The Euro Rubber® coating adheres to almost every surface like concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC and zinc. This allows the product to be used in many different situations when it comes to waterproofing or air barriers. The environmentally friendly products are non-toxic and free of VOC’s and friendly for the end-user. The resistance against all weather conditions, UV and chemicals, ensure that the products are very durable.

The product cures into a highly flexible coating with a durable flexibility of 900%. In combination with Geotextile the product can easily bridge gaps or joints and makes it perfect suitable for surfaces with different expansion levels. HBS200 suits perfectly for sealing ventilation openings, roof drains, walls, up stands or to repair cracks and joints.

HBS200 is an easy applied single component product. The liquid coating can be applied by means of a brush, roller, trowel or airless spray system. For the quick seal, Euro Rubber® HBS200 is the right product to use!


SprayGrade is a Euro Rubber® coating that fits perfectly for waterproofing and protecting surfaces or constructions that are exposed to UV. The SprayGrade, is just like the BelowGrade and MineCoat, a two-component spray applied system and is applied with a spray system that is specially made by Liquid Rubber. The Liquid coatings are cold applied and contain no VOC’s or other toxic compounds. This ensures that the coatings are fully safe for environment and people.

After the application the product cures to hand-dry membrane within seconds. The curing process also starts immediately. This allows the product to be applied in the right layer thickness in one action. SprayGrade can be used in new situations but also as a renovation product. SprayGrade is highly flexible (900%) and is fully adhering to for instance bitumen, EPDM, wood, metal, concrete, PVC and many insulation material. Because the product is fully adhering to the surface, there is never the possibility that water will transport underneath the Liquid Rubber membrane.

SprayGrade is a quick and easy applied stand-alone coating that can be used as a waterproofing topcoat to protect all kind of constructions.


The MineCoat, is just like the BelowGrade and SprayGrade, a two-component spray applied system and is applied with a spray system that is specially made by Euro Rubber®. The Liquid coatings are cold applied and contain no VOC’s or other toxic compounds.

The MineCoat is a strong, highly flexible (900%) and abrasion resistant coating. The product has a strong adhesion to metals, concrete and has a perfect corrosion resistance. Because the product is fully adhesive, there is no possibility that water will transport underneath the membrane.

The coating can be applied on new or old corroded surfaces. The durable flexible coating is resistant against thermal influences that ensure a perfect protection of many surfaces. MineCoat can be used at projects where a durable waterproofing or protection is demanded on concrete or metal surfaces.


Joint Filler is a Liquid rubber that is specially developed to be applied with a caulking tube. Joint Filler is a cold applied, single component filler that is suitable for many different applications. The product technology of the Joint Filler offers a VOC free, strong, highly flexible (700%) product with an outstanding adhesion on many surfaces.

Joint Filler is fully environmentally friendly and can be used inside or outside without any extra body or inhalation protection. Joint Filler can be used for waterproofing and as an air barrier. The product adheres to almost every surface, for example concrete construction, wooden- and plastic window frames, roof constructions and many other surfaces.


Euro Rubber® RoadTech is specially developed as a durable sealing for (light) traffic surfaces. The product is used on new and existing parking decks to ensure a waterproof surface.

The Euro Rubber® RoadTech system is cold applied and fully environmentally friendly. The special topcoat of this system minimizes the friction between the coating and for instance car tires. The topcoat is available in different colors and ensures an attractive easthetically finish. The RoadTech system can be applied in new situations but also in renovations. Many parking garages and parking decks have leaking problems.

The leakages combined with the nitric acids can cause a lot of damage. Liquid Rubber RoadTech can fully waterproof these surfaces. The traffic lines can be applied in the final phase of the system.


EuroGrade Seal is a modified elastomeric emulsion specifically formulated for application by brush, rollers or specially designed spray equipment. EuroGrade Seal is a cold applied single component product designed for a wide range of protective coating applications. The product technology employed in EuroGrade Seal provides a solvent-free, quick setting coating that yields a membrane with excellent strength, elasticity and adhesion.


Insulcoat reflects a large percentage of sun rays and can effectively lower a roof’s surface temperature by a huge margin due to the ceramic contents of the product. This in turn will reduce temperatures within a building and reduce energy costs relating to cooling and air conditioning. The multi-layered system comprises our proprietary formulas while the product is applied by Euro Rubber® certified applicators. The result is a cost effective, long lasting protection against harmful UV rays.


EuroGrade Dam Seal is a water-based bitumin waterproofing compound. Bitumin contains high percentage of rubber latex and EuroGrade Dam Seal has the consistency of a soft paste and is thixotropic. It can be easily applied using a brush or soft broom and not only is it eco-friendly, it also has excellent recoating properties. EuroGrade Dam Seal is a sealing compound and is recommended for heavy duty waterproof rubberising for all types of industrial applications such as parapet walls, flashings, reservoirs and fish ponds. It can be applied to asphalt, asbestos, concrete and zinc roofing.