What We Do

Current Activities and Co-operation

On the basis of our present sport and development initiatives we focus on the realisation of the Olympic values in a number of high potential areas. Some of these include:


The provision of training and outreach support to individuals, communities and institutions pertaining to issues within its field (e.g. to support organisations to develop curricula, programme content and training focusing on Olympic values).


The design and facilitation of curricula for schools to include Olympic values and implement them. The emphasis at pre-primary and primary school level is intended to inculcate the values at a very early age.


The development, promotion and monitoring of interdisciplinary research in the field of Olympic values, including the development of interdisciplinary research capacity related to Olympic values, community development and wellness.


The capacity building for organisations to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate programmes focused on the Olympic values.


The development of an African network and cooperation with partners in the field, by way of example we are launching this week the“Sport and Development Policy in Africa” publication including 10 case studies from the continentas baseline of an African Sport Policy Index.


The collaboration with key partners and joint efforts to complement   initiatives promoting the Olympic values by the IOC, IOA, Olympic Truce Centre, respective NOCs and other stakeholders in Africa and beyond.


The engagement in public education and advocacy by means of seminars, conferences, publications and other appropriate means within the field of Olympic values and providing a platform and forum where civil society, academia, communities and government build stronger relationships and networks around the promotion of Olympic values.